Programs & Events

Auwal Masjid strives to make its Islamic programmes educational, more socially relevant and all-encompassing of the needs of the community.

Weekly Thikr (Dhikr)

The Auwal Masjid’s weekly Dhikr takes place on Thursday evenings after the Maghrib Salaah which extends just beyond the Ishaa Salaah.

Weekly Food Distribution

The Food Parcel Distribution is an effort carried out by an organisation that distributes the parcels at the Auwal Masjid on Thursday mornings.

Women’s Monday evening class

Women’s Monday evening class takes place after the Maghrib Salaah.

Islamic Series – Tazkiyat al-Qulub/Purification of the Heart

The Auwal Masjid in collaboration with Dar al-Mahamid (Towards Perfecting Character), enjoyed a successful program and lecture series on the topic of Tazkiyat al-Qulub / Purification of the Hearts.

Islamic Series – Redefining the Essence of a Believer

The second lecture series commenced at the Auwal Masjid. Join us as we explore our Islamic morals and values in order to address and transform the crisis of moral character within our society by redefining the relationship of a Believer. Redefining the Essence of a Believer.

Islamic Series – Preparing for the Holy month of Ramadan

The third lecture series commenced at the Auwal Masjid. Join us as we prepare for Ramadan and explore the inner dimensions of fasting and its practical application, and learn how to attain the highest levels of fasting and the greatest benefit.