Awwal Academy

The Awwal Academy is an afternoon madrasah for youth who are between the ages of 5-12 years old. It is a unique Islamic institution which offers a programme packed with subjects essential to every Muslim child. This programme consists of surah/Quran recitation, memorization of important supplications, Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic History and Aqeedah.

To complement this program, innovative and creative teaching methodologies will be employed to provide a fun and inspiring Islamic environment. Our focus will be on creating an atmosphere which nurtures and develops learners in order to instill an Islamic identity in them. This in turn will lead to the production of youth who are fully capable of practicing and implementing what they have learnt. Flowing from this mindset, our vision here at the Awwal Academy is to enlighten and empower our learners to learn, practice and inspire others, so as to develop ‘the best of nations’.

Providing holistic Islamic education madrassa programmes in a safe, interactive and fun environment with a focus on character development.

Establishing an exemplary model for madrassa’s for the broader community through producing:

Qualified passionate teachers;
Unique tailored syllabus;
Proper teaching methodologies; and
Constant innovation

Awwal Academy Gallery